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Graduate Students

  • Ph.D. Students :

    1. M. Eslami

    2. V. Samadi

    3. S. Mosayebpour (co-supervised with T.A. Gulliver)

    4. A. Saleh

  • M.Sc. Students :

    1. F. Moghadasi
    2. M. Alahnoori
    3. M. Hasani
    4. M. Saifi
    5. H. Rahbani
    6. M. Zadnoor
    7. H. Bahrami
    8. M. Kameli
    9. M. Goodarzi
    10. N. Eslamizadeh

  • Completed by Thesis :

    1. Zahra Taheri, M.Sc., Self-dual cyclic codes, 2013.

    2. Mehrab Najafian, M.Sc., Cyclic subgroups of finite fields and QC-LDPC codes, 2013.

    3. Zahra Mahmoodian M.Sc., Linear cyclic and quasi-cyclic complementary dual codes over chain rings, 2012.

    4. Zahra Shokri, M.Sc., Trapping sets in Steiner systems based codes, 2012.

    5. Maryam Zare-Moghadam, M.Sc., Tail-biting convolutional codes and LDPC codes, 2012.

    6. Mahbobeh Rostami, M.Sc., Trapping sets and error-correction capability of GLDPC codes, 2012.

    7. Taghi Abbasi, M.Sc., Dihedral groups and girth-six LDPC codes, 2011.

    8. Hossein Falsafain, M.Sc., Some classes of LDPC codes based on Steiner Systems with parameter t>2, 2011.

    9. Asieh Esmaeili, M.Sc. (co-supervised with A. Zaghian), A class of secrete sharing codes over finite rings, 2011.

    10. Hamid-Reza Rahmati, M.Sc., (co-supervised with A. Zaghian), Analysis of pseudo-codewords in some iterative decoding algorithms, 2011.

    11. Javad Mohseni, M.Sc., (co-supervised with A. Zaghian), Quantom LDPC codes and partial geometries, 2011.

    12. Mehdi Zahmatkesh M.Sc., (co-supervised with A. Zaghian), Doubly generalized LDPC codes and doubly generalized stopping sets, 2011.

    13. Ziba Salahshour, M.Sc. (co-supervised with A. Zaghian), Some classes of irregular LDPC codes, 2011.

    14. Masoumeh Yarmohammadi, M.Sc. (co-supervised with A. Zaghian), Analysis of absorbing sets in array codes, 2011.

    15. Mahnaz Ahmadi, M.Sc. (co-supervised with A. Zaghian), LDPC codes, some code construction techniques, 2011.

    16. Zeinab Roostaei, M.Sc. (co-supervised with A. Zaghian), On the decoding of quadratic residue codes, 2011.

    17. Mohsen Moosavi, M.Sc., Some coding techniques based on Fibonacci sequence, 2011.

    18. Mostafa Javdankhrad, M.Sc., Difference sets and LDPC codes, 2011.

    19. Mokhtar Salaahian, M.Sc., Some construction methods of LDPC Codes, 2010.

    20. Zohreh Hooshmand, M.Sc., Stopping distance and Stopping redundancy of Geometric LDPC Codes, 2010.

    21. Morteza Hivadi, Ph.D., Analysis of Product Codes for the Binary Erasure Channel, 2010.

    22. Reza Sobhani, Ph.D., On the Structure and Application of Cyclic and λ-cyclic Codes over some Finite chain rings, 2010

    23. Mohammad Gholami, Ph.D., Slope-based Geometrically Structured LDPC Codes, 2008.

    24. Ali Zaghian, Ph.D., Construction and Combinatorial Analysis of a Sequence of LDPC Codes Derived from Hamming Codes, 2008.

    25. Mohammad-Hesaam Tadayon, Ph.D., LDPC Codes: Construction based on Product of two Configurations, 2008.

    26. Mohammad-Javaad Amoushahy, M.Sc., Analysis of Structured LDPC Codes and Their Comparison from Data Storage Perspective, 2008.

    27. Vida Ravanmehr, M.Sc., Stopping Sets and Stopping Distance of Linear Block Codes, 2008.

    28. Somaye Yari, M.Sc., 1-Generator QC-Codes and 1-Generator Codes with Complementary Duals, 2008.

    29. Majid Mazrouei, M.Sc., (Cosupervised with M. Behbudi) Algebraic Structure of QC Codes with Repeated Roots , 2007.

    30. Sadegh Sadeghi, M.Sc., Analysis of Iterative Decoding Algorithms, 2007.

    31. Daanesh Fard-Ahmadi, M.Sc., Decoding of [32, 16, 8] Binary Linear Codes, 2006.

    32. Shahrooz Jaanbaz, M.Sc., Projection of Binary Codes over Larger Fields, 2006.

    33. Fahimeh Mohebipour, M.Sc., Analysis of Density and graphical Structure of Repeat Accumulate Codes, 2006.

    34. Morteza Hivadi, M.Sc., Algebraic Structure of QC Codes, 2005.

    35. Shohreh Choupani, M.Sc., Finite Geometry and LDPC Codes, 2004.

    36. Mohammad-Ali Khosravifard, Ph.D., (Cosupervised with H. Saidi and T. A. Gulliver) Some Codes for Finite Monotone Sources, 2004.

    37. Marjan Bazrafshan, M.Sc., Group Factorization and Cryptography, 2003.

    38. Hossein Malekshahi, M.Sc., Public-key Cryptosystems based on Finite Extension Fields, 2003.

    39. Mahdi Azizi, M.Sc., One-time Digital Signature based on Directed Graphs, 2003.

    40. Faramarz Faghihi, M.Sc., Analysis and Implementation of Several Message Authentication Codes, 2003.

    41. Alireza Shafieinezhad, M.Sc., (Cosupervised with Dr. F. Hendesi)
      Analysis of FDE Cryptosystem and its Fast Implementation in Software, 2002.

    42. Mohammad-Reza Yazdani, M.Sc., Graphical Representations of Linear Block Codes and Their Appl. to ML Soft-decoding, 2000.

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